How closeness to Kempegowda International Airport is a benefit for Godrej Plots at Devanahalli

How closeness to Kempegowda International Airport is a benefit for Godrej Plots at Devanahalli

A residential project always sees an upgrade with good proximity and great development. If the project is surrounded by all the major amenities and connectivity, then it will get a major boost in property rates. In fact, proximity to a well-developed place acts as a major role in appreciation value of the project. A railway station or an airport makes a huge difference here. If a new project is around the international airport, then its appreciation value gets a huge raise too. There is a rapid need for good infra projects near Godrej Plots Devanahalli.

Kemegowwda International Airport serves the city of Bangalore as its 40 km away from the main Bangalore city. It is spread over massive 4000 acres of land. The airport was operational in the year 2008 to ease the congestion at main Bangalore airport. It’s near Devanahalli and it recently received the best regional airport in central Asia title.

The airport is operated by Bangalore international airport limited. The airport operates short international and domestic flights. The airport serves around 60,000 passengers on a daily basis. Work on terminal two will complete soon. Kempegowda International Airport is equipped with LED lighting that makes the airport popular too.

Buying a property near Kempegowda International Airport

Godrej Plots at Devanahalli

Investing in a property near Kempegowda International Airport is such a great plan. So many new plots and projects are being developed in the vicinity of the airport. Easy access to the airport is one thing that always has an upper hand. Traffic in a metro city like Bangalore makes it difficult to reach the airport on time. As this is ideally located far away from the city, people will surely benefit.

There will be no added traffic woes as in Bangalore city. And the best part is Kempegowda International Airport is further being developed with 405 acres of land. The project will be operational by the year 2020.

The ideal location                                                                                                               

What you need to consider is the strategic location of a project. If a property is near the airport, then the project will also get a boost in the future. When it comes to hot real estate investment, areas around Bangalore have definitely picked up with time. All the residential and commercial projects near Devanahalli will benefit in the long run. Apart from the airport, there are many other reasons to invest in Godrej Plots Devanahalli too.

The location and popularity of the place are also important. With the airport in the vicinity, there will be a major boost in commercial and SEZ zones of the place too. Aerospace Park and SEZ will be fully functional and that is a good reason to invest too.

With Kempegowda International Airport, there will be a rise in property rates and that too two-fold. This is a projection for coming four to five years. Any flat that you purchase now in this location will give you a guaranteed return in future. There are so many residential options that you can explore in Godrej Plots Devanahalli.

Airport project beneficial for Devanahalli

Devanahalli is currently the hottest place for investment. The airport near the place has given a new lease to the plots and projects for investment purposes. Its actually turning into the major hub with almost all the IT companies opening their offices. The IT project in this region is just 9 km away from the airport.

So many people come to Bangalore to work as its the biggest IT hub of India. If the airport is near the commercial hub or main IT Park, then traveling becomes so simple. If a project requires someone to stay for a day, then it saves time.

Real estate market fluctuates a lot. There can be an increase or decrease in the price of flats according to economic conditions. If a place is strategically located near an airport or a business park, then the appreciation value increases with time.

Development of a place plays a major role in the price of a plot or a residential project. There are also many options available for investing in Devanahalli. So, having an airport is a great boost for the place. If you invest in a plot today, you won’t surely regret your decision.

Godrej Plots at Devanahalli

Airport project beneficialfor Devanahalli

Godrej plots near Devanahalli are ideally located on Bellary Road near the Kempegowda International Airport. So, whether you want to invest in the plot or buy it for your dream home, the plots are ideal for you. Still, in the pre-launch stage, it also has many benefits. It is a feasible area as its strategically located near the airport and all the IT hubs. There are so many educational institutes in the vicinity of Godrej Plots at Devanahalli.

From shopping centers, malls to health care facilities, all the amenities are available around the plot. Super amenities like jogging tracks, gym, and play area are also near the plot for your easy access. You will get a great appraisal value of the project if you invest in the plot.

Any kind of investment gives you a return in the future. If the investment is made in flats or plots, then you can expect guaranteed returns. Don’twait for the right price or right opportunity to look for investment. When you feel that you will get a great deal, that is the right time for investment. Godrej Plots Devanahalli are the right choice for long-term investment.

To sum up

Kempegowda International Airport will truly benefit every project be it commercial or residential near Godrej Plots Devanahalli. There are a lot more projects coming up in the place as many builders are channelizing the benefit of the airport. Kempegowda International Airport is also expanding its base. The new terminal will definitely make a huge impact on the popularity of the airport.

If you are in a Prix regarding buying a plot or a flat, then you have a good reason now. You can invest in many great options by Godrej properties as well. Godrej Plots Devanahalli will give you a great return in the coming years, so make a wise choice in investment.

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