Why Home Buyers Prefer Upcoming Projects ?

Introduction Offers

Offers are delightful!  Who wouldn’t like to avail a launch offer? Get instant alerts about the launch & enjoy early bird offers at the launch. Don’t miss the chance to get all details before anyone else receive it and catch the first movers benefit.

Best Return on Investment

Your return not just depends on your investment but on the product and the time you are ready to invest. For higher returns, it’s not necessary there are higher risks. Always make a move when the time is right to reap the best benefits out of your investments.

Lower Pricing

Upcoming projects are always priced lower than any other projects available in the market. Keeping a very close eye on what’s coming new is not possible hence subscribing to the upcoming projects helps in getting all the insights. Wouldn’t you like to get the best deal at a rock-bottom price?

Ability to Choose

Don’t you want your home as per your needs? You want to face your door in a particular direction, or you would like to reside on a certain floor. After a launch starts Godrej properties sell like a hot cake. Hence, getting your favourite inventory becomes difficult. Upcoming projects information helps you to choose your favourite inventory in advance.

Godrej Reserve Devanahalli Price Sheet

Plot Type

Approx. size


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30 X 40

49 Lacs


30 X 50

54 Lacs


30 X 60

64 Lacs


40 X 60

86 Lacs


40 X 80

113 Lacs