Pros & Cons of Buying Godrej Plots Bangalore

Pros & Cons of Buying Godrej Plots Bangalore

It is a common dilemma among those considering a real estate Godrej Plots Devanahalli investment – should I invest in an apartment or buy a plot instead? Many people would prefer investing in a plot because the advantages of buying a piece of land are many. Most apartments are ready-built and you have little say in what features you’d like to have and what you do not want. When you own a land, you have the freedom and flexibility to decide how you want your home to be. You must also keep in mind that land as an investment option is more popular in all aspects compared to other options. It also has better resale value, on an average, than an apartment or house.

For those planning to buy a plot in Bangalore, there are many options. Godrej Plots Devanahalli is one of the ideal investment destinations in the city. No matter what your investment plan is, it is always wise to consider all the pros and cons before investing. Let us look at these factors especially with respect to Godrej Plots Devanahalli.

The Pros


Affordability: Residential plots are always cheaper and more affordable than constructed houses or apartments. Godrej Devanahalli Plots are not only available in an ideal location but also surprisingly affordable, considering the many advantages offered. It must also be noted that property tax from a plot is lower than that from an apartment or residential house. Apart from the savings, a plot requires virtually no maintenance or attention.

Appreciation: Irrespective of the size, available construction space, and location, residential plots experience a better appreciation than an apartment. The proximity to a well-connected location alone is enough to boost the appreciation of land prices. The basic infrastructure in the locality is sufficient to ensure high returns on a land investment.

No Delays: When you invest in an ‘under-construction’ apartment, you might have to wait for several months before possession. As an investor, you do not have to wait anxiously for completion after making down-payment. With the land investment, there are no such risks or financial obligations after payment.

Flexibility: Flexibility is one of the major advantages of a land investment over a built apartment. You can choose the number of rooms, layout, and features when you build your house in a plot after obtaining necessary permits and sanctions. Better still, you are not answerable to your neighbors when you modify your house based on your requirements. You will not get this flexibility when staying in an apartment complex.

Brand and Trust: All investors face anxiety while buying plots from unknown individuals and the risk of getting cheated is quite high. That is why it is a sound idea to invest in authorized plots offered by reputed real estate developers. Godrej Properties is a well-known brand with a legacy of trust and customer satisfaction since the past 120 years. Their newest project in Godrej Plots Devanahalli will carry the same seal of assurance and security.

Amenities: The Luxurious living is all set to be a reality at Godrej Devanahalli Plots Bangalore. For a great lifestyle, the land area comes with common amenities like gym, lush greenery, barbeque, sit-outs, and recreation opportunities.

Future Aspects: North Bengaluru is considered as the next big real estate boom and buying any plot here will be a big investment. The city’s upcoming international airport in the locality and access to the express highway and high-speed rail link makes it a highly sought-after project. North Bengaluru is also the job hub with several IT and SEZ projects and millions of jobs and development initiatives.

Innovation: Godrej has earned a name for adding value and innovation to all its products and it is no different with their residential projects. Godrej Air Hoodi offered oxygen-enriched homes while Godrej Reflections offered exquisite views and outstanding design. Godrej Plots Devanahalli offers plots in an integrated township with forest theme for a green, yet modern lifestyle.

The Cons


Risks: Buying a plot is usually a simple and uncomplicated procedure. However, there is the risk of land being taken over by the government with little or no compensation. It might sometimes necessitate prolonged legal battles. To avoid such a situation, it is best to invest only in a plot offered by a reputed and trustworthy developer.

Finance: Many buyers avail a bank loan while investing in a land or apartment. Most banks willingly fund apartments in any location or of any type. But, the land is generally considered a riskier asset and it might be slightly more difficult to avail a loan for buying a plot.

Tax: When a person is seeking a home loan, he/she can avail certain tax benefits based on the principal repayment as well as interest under Section 24 and 80C of the Income Tax Act. There is no such provision for interest paid on any loan borrowed for investing in land plots.

Supply and Demand: There is a limited supply of land and a general high demand for residential plots. If it is an ideal locality with good connectivity and infrastructure development, it sells out quickly. As a result, it might be necessary to take a decision quickly in case you want to invest in a land. Again, the reputation of the developer will play a vital role in deciding ease of availing a loan.

When you weigh the pros and cons, it is quite clear that the advantages are much more compared to the disadvantages when investing in land. Particularly, investing in Godrej Devanahalli Plots is a safe and advantageous investment. By dealing with a reputed brand like Godrej, you eliminate all the risks associated with buying a land. Enjoy the freedom of building your dream house by investing in the perfect plot. Good connectivity, infrastructure growth, lush greenery, clean air, proximity to employment hubs and amenities ensure that this is an ideal asset. It will be worth much more in the years to come. It is an investment like this that will ensure a lifetime of satisfaction and happiness.

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